Comprehensive Exam & Treatment Plan

In order to make wise decisions about your health care, you need to be able to make informed choices with information you can trust and understand.

Remember the Titanic? The events that led to the sinking of the ship can be compared to the loss of dental health. The initial miscommunication set up the situation for disaster. Once the event occured, little was felt and little changed as far as the immediate circumstances. People continued to dine, dance and go on for quite some time before the perceived a crisis was at hand.

A comprehensive exam and treatment plan is more than filling a couple of cavities and getting your teeth cleaned. The goal is to first identify whether or not you are having a "Titanic" experience and if so, what to do about it.

Following your examination, we will provide you with information to help you understand the conditions you have, the treatment options and the goals and expectations of therapy.

In the event that your diagnosis is complex, we will set aside a separate time for a consultation appointment. You may be given handouts or brochures, and also it may be beneficial to your interest to check out the rest of our patient educational resources on our website.

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