Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants
By Prairie Village Dental Care
May 02, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out why dental implants might be the best approach for treating your tooth implants

You know you want a restoration you can trust to replace your missing tooth but maybe you aren’t sure which treatment option is the best one for you and your smile needs. Don’t worry; this is where our Prairie Village, KS, dentist, Dr. Terry Linneman, comes in. If you are considering whether you should get dental implants, here are just some of the wonderful and unique benefits you’ll enjoy with this tooth replacement:

Next Best Option

Yes, we know that nothing beats maintaining healthy teeth, but when this is no longer an option isn’t it more important that you find a tooth replacement that is as close to the real thing as you can possibly get? We certainly think so. That’s why our Prairie Village general dentists offer dental implants. After all, no other tooth replacement looks or functions just like a real tooth in the same way implants can because implants are actually designed to take the place of your missing tooth roots, which no other tooth replacement will be able to do.

Stays in Place

Nothing is worse than having dentures that shift and move around in your mouth, particularly when you are trying to talk or chew food. It can be embarrassing and frustrating. Luckily, implants are designed to stay firmly in place without ever budging, which means that you can talk confidently and chew your favorite foods (even that deliciously thick cut of steak) without ever worrying about your new tooth.

Preserve Your Jawbone

When you lose one or more teeth it isn’t just the teeth themselves that are affected, the rest of your oral health is, too. After all, the jawbone requires stimulation from all of your tooth roots in order to remain strong and healthy and to continue producing new bone cells. Of course, if you leave your tooth loss untreated this causes the jawbone to shrink, which can lead to structural changes within the face (including premature lines and wrinkles). The only way to prevent bone loss is to get a dental implant, which functions just like tooth roots and even fuses together naturally with the jawbone.

Lasts a Lifetime

Most dental restorations will need to be replaced at some point, and while the dental crown that we place over the implant will need to be replaced every decade or so, the implant itself is designed to last the rest of your life. This means that you can trust in your brand new tooth and know that with the proper maintenance and care that your new smile is here to stay.

If you are interested in finding out more about getting dental implants in Prairie Village, KS, and whether or not you are the ideal candidate for treatment then it’s time to turn to our caring dental team here at Prairie Village Dental Care. Schedule your no-risk consultation today.