Dental Bonding Can Help Fix Minor Imperfections In Your Smile
By Prairie Village Dental Care
June 15, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Are you less than satisfied with how your smile looks? Minor problems such as small gaps, chips, and overcrowding detract from a healthy set of teeth and gums and change your confidence level, too. You don't need or want a complex smile makeover. So, what's your alternative? Consider dental bonding from the dentists at  Prairie Village Dental Care in Prairie Village, KS. Bonding

Also called composite resin bonding, dental bonding is one of the simplest and most cost-effective aesthetic dental treatments available. Using a durable, tooth-colored material composed of acrylic and glass particles, your Prairie Village, KS dentist artistically fills defects and reshapes and repairs tooth shape so that teeth look great and function really well, too.

The Bonding Procedure

This aesthetic treatment begins with a comprehensive oral exam, including digital x-rays when necessary, to ensure teeth and gums are healthy. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist asks how you would like your smile to improve. Usually, individuals complain of:

  • stains from food, beverages, and smoking
  • small gaps
  • teeth of even size and odd shape
  • small chips, cracks, and uneven or pitted surfaces

The dentist continues the treatment by applying a low-acid etching liquid. This roughens the tooth surfaces so the composite putty adheres well. He places the putty on the tooth, sculpting and smoothing it. A special curing light quickly hardens the material, and the dentist polishes it for a natural-looking finish.

The Advantages of Bonding

The American Academy of General Dentistry states that dental bonding carries several advantages:

  • It usually takes just one dental visit.
  • It is painless, versatile and strong.
  • It may be used in conjunction with other cosmetic dental services such as porcelain crowns and professional teeth whitening.
  • It lasts for many years with gentle use and good at-home and in-office hygiene.
  • There are no gooey impressions or long waiting times for that refurbished look.

Bonding also assists with restorative dental treatments such as inlays and onlays, full porcelain crowns and placement of periodontal splints, among others.

Desiring a Perfect Smile?

Achieving it may be as simple as dental bonding from your dentists at Prairie Village Dental Care in Prairie Village. Call (913) 649-7500 for your cosmetic dentistry consultation. You'll find the doctors and their staff highly trained and very good at accommodating your goals for your best smile.